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Lacittadella features Real Estate for Sale Cebu, a new subdivision in Cebu City

Verona, single detached 2storey in Talamban, Cebu City

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Home for sale Cebu

home for sale cebu

A quaint and distinctive house for families with growing children, your Verona stands out for its elaborate design that truly defines single homes. Rising 2 storeys from a 100 sqm lot, it occupies a spacious 82 sqm floor space. A separate toilet and bath for the master's bedroom with two more adorning this 3 bedroom unit. Verona's balanced layout corresponds to our desire to likewise achieve a much balanced lifestyle.

home for sale cebu

real estate for sale cebu

cebu real estate

House Features:
EXTERIOR:                                                           INTERIOR:
* Long span pre painted roof sheets                  * Full 2 coats on all surfaces
* Full 3 coats painting on all surfaces                * Full ceiling on all areas with baseboards
* Solid wood door on the main entrance           * High quality locks and hinges on all doors
* Stell casement windows                                  * Wood railings on stairs
* Steel roof framing system                                * Kitchen counter with cabinets, sinks & faucets
* Solid concrete on all exterios walls                 * Elegant European look tiles on floorings
                                                                          * Floor & wall tiles on all bathrooms with fixtures
                                                                          * Electrical switches and outlets provided

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