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Lacittadella features Real Estate for Sale Cebu, a new subdivision in Cebu City

Treviso, single detached 2storey in Talamban, Cebu City

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House And Lot Cebu Area

house and lot cebu area

"Extra" is the word that best defines Treviso. Extra area, extra space. Another simple home designed for families who richly deserve the added perks in life. a comfy 90 sqm space that rest on 120 sqm area, this audicious 2storey, 3bedroom house accommodates 3 toilet & bath, carport and utility room. When you reach the pinnacle of success, Treviso serves as the perfect complement. Truly rewarding and inspiring.

real estate for sale cebu

cebu real estate

      EXTERIOR                                             INTERIOR
* Long span pre painted roof sheets         * Full 2 coats on all surfaces
* Full 3 coats painting on all surfaces       * Full ceiling on all areas w/ baseboards
* Solid wood door on the main entrqance  * High quality locks, hinges on all doors
* Steel casement windows                      * Wood railings on stairs
* Steel roof framing system                     * Kitchen counter with cabinets & sinks
* Solid concrete on all exterior walls         * Elegant Europran look tiles on floors
                                                            * Floor & wall tiles on bathrooms with
                                                             * Electrical switches & outlets provided

cebu real estate

VERONA 2Storey

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